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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buttons that I designed

The two Buttons I designed on Adobe Illustrator .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was born on March 24, 1886 then died on January 1, 1958 . He was an American Photographer
from Highland Park, Illinois .

Was given his first Kodak camera for his 16th Birthday, when he began taking photographs .
Weston met with quick success and the Chicago Art Institute exhibited his photographs a year later, in 1903 . And he attended Illinois College of Photography . In 1906, decided to move to California to pursue his Photography/Art career where he became "big" & had gotten some job offers . He had four sons with his Wife, Flora May Chandler . He worked a lot with Nudes --Still Life . He did a lot of that type of work after 1927 . Two of his four sons, took lessons from him on photography because, they became interested in Art & Photography . They thought what they're dad did for a living was fun & interesting . So they took some lessons from him & got to experience the chance to see what he really does . Later in life , in the the early 1950s he, was Strickened with Parkinson's Disease which later led up to his death in Jan. of 1958 . He suffered from it for 8 years .

The type of work he did was mainly nudes but as a Still Life .
He did many famous things such as worked with some celebrities (generally women) and did some art with other photographers that did some of the same work as he did . But the most popular work he did was Still Life with both Nudity & "Peppers" . As you can see I put up two pictures that are of some of his work . It's the peppers & of a still life . As you can see , a lot of his still life on nudity ; well the body was formed & looked like the body of a Pepper which , made it look really unique & interesting .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, California on Feb. 20 1902 then died on Apr. 22, 1984 . Was an only child whose mother had him when she was nearly 40 (both parents were elderly) . Was teased and picked on by kids in school because of his "Disfigured" nose which was badly broken in an earthquake as a child . --Later in life was diagnosed as "Hyperactive" . Might have suffered from Dyslexia . Because , almost didnt complete the Eighth grade because he was having a lot of problems trying to understand certain subjects in school and had a problem with getting his work done and getting it in on time . When Adams was twelve he taught himself to play the piano and read music. Soon he was taking lessons, and the ardent pursuit of music became his substitute for formal schooling . He gave up being a Musician to being a Photographer since he loved nature so much based on his long walks in the great outdoors . He also Married ; He met his wife, Virginia Best, in Yosemite; they were married in 1928. The couple had two children . He was broke and always felt he couldn't get over the "Financial Fence" which did effect his marriage . Later after , as he got older he still kept himself busy by doing more of his work eventhough he still was broke , still manage to do it . Then in 1984 is when He died .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adobe Illustrator Toolbox

Note: I didn't make like 3 objects because, I was having trouble trying to make them.

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Andy Warhol .

Born in Pennsylvania in 1928 then died in February of 1987. Then at the age of 9-years-old, he had St. Vitus' dance, a nervous system disease that causes involuntary movements of the extremities. Had become hypochondriac which was a fear of Hospitals & Doctors. He had also shown early artistic talent and studied commercial art, then not long after that he moved to New York City, and begun a successful career in Magazine illustration and Advertising. His life consumed mostly around drawing and pop art. Pop art was one of his favorites and it seemed to make him feel good asides from his Mother of course . Since she was basically his best friend. 2) Celebrities that he had photographed were; Marilyn Monroe, Candy Darling, Viva, Holly Woodlawn, and Ingrid Superstar. 3) My favorite pieces of work that he did were the Campbell's Tomato soup Can, and Pop Art of Marilyn Monroe.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Annie Leibovitz

Her father was a colonel in the Air Force, so they moved around a lot but born in Connecticut. First started taking pictures in The Phillipines when Her father was stationed there. In High School, she became interested in various artistic endeavors, and began to write and play music. Her mother was her inspiration/influence because her mother encouraged her to do what she wanted in life & she was a Dance Instructor. She attended The San Francisco Art Institute. And, for several years, she continued to develop her photography skills while she worked various jobs. Annie, had also worked for The Rolling Stones from 1973-1983, Then moved onto doing work for various celebrities such as John Lennon, Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, Etc. She also did some work for Walt Disney Company and Photoshoot with Miley Cyrus back in 2008 for Vanity when, the 15-year old was photoshooted topless.

Some of Her Work:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography

1. What are the three basic elements of a camera ?
a) Exposing film to light in measured qualities .
b) The elusion contains a number of very tiny grains of light - sensitive chemicals suspended in an inert medium .
c) The lens/camera is the primary light measuring device, but it also acts to focus the light onto the film .

2. What is an SLR Camera ?
Stands for "Single lens Reflex". When you look through view finder, you actually look through the same prisms and mirrors, and you wind up looking through the lens .

3. What is the purpose of a camera's aperture ?
The eye of a digital camera sensor . Acts much like the pupil of an eye ; it opens wider as the light decreases to let in more available light . It gets smaller when light increases to reduce the amount of light when entering the eye .

4. What does shutter speed on a camera control ?
The aperture diaphragm of a lens and timing of the camera's shutter curtain .

5. To get the right exposure for a picture , what 3 things must be balanced ?
a) Lighting .
b) Setting of the whatever it is that the camera is taking a picture of .
c) Needs to be a White balance .

6. To take a picture outside on a very sunny day , would you use a high or low film speed ? Why ?
One is to use different types of 35mm Film . And I guess you would want to use low because , your outside taking pictures and when your outside and the sun is out , thats your lighting so you dont need to worry about the flash on the camera either .

7. What are the four steps for developing black and white film ?
1) Dilute the Chemicals . 2) The Developer . 3) The Stop Bath . 4) The fixer & Hypo-Cleaning Agent .

8. What are things that are needed to make a black and white print ?
a) The type of Paper .
b) Exposure .
c) Dark Room .
d) An enlarger / an easel .
e) A safelight .
f) Processing trays & etc .

9. For a black and white print , the final image is actually what material ?
Obviously , its the printing paper that is for printing photos whether its on a printer or in a dark room .

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Colorized Photos

I actually ended up making two .

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Monday, March 30, 2009

First Blog - First Assignment


Space 1 -
When I look at this photo of an Ocean , it makes Me remember how much I love being in the Ocean . The Ocean here shows a lot of Space and areas for anything like , Swimming . The sunset is beautiful as ever makes the Ocean seem bigger then what it is . I have no to what Ocean this is but for all I know is that its huge & has a lot of space .
2 Value -
This is a painting of two Bucks . When I saw this painting
, it shows a lot of value of Color and its very ambiguous . Having a lot of value in a painting really attracts attention and gives off a good feeling .

3 Shape -
Jewelry can be very unique . Meaning the shape and value of it can be rare . Like this one for example . This is a Pin that a female would wear . It's actually a heart but its a weird shape of an Heart . Which shows it very unique .

4 Line -
When I think of Line , I think of a drawing . Because , I've done a "Line Drawing" before and to Me its really artsy and fun . A person can create something so beautiful just by using a Pencil and Eraser .
This really shows Value and Line . There's a lot of Symmetry .

5 Form -
The form of this is really ambiguous . I say that because , this leaf in the water is not only floating but it's just sitting there with the stem sicking right up . This photography really shows form and shape of the leaf in the water .

6 Texture -
Believe it or not , this is the texture of a Football . Reason , I wanted to find a picture of the texture of a football , because its hard for a person to see the actual texture , they can only feel with they're fingers . And by looking at this , it looks really cool and smooth .

7 Color -
This is a painting of a Sunset .
It shows a lot vibrant colors that are put together to make a
Sunset . To make it look beautiful .
1 Movement -
As you can see , this is Line Movement . Its drawn on White paper using a Sharpie . The lines show a lot movement , shape , boldness , and its actually really ambiguous . I thought it looked really cool and unique .

2 Unity -
Unity is pretty popular in Friendship with other cultures and races . This picture shows all that
. In life , there needs to be Unity and this represents that . It really does .

3 Variety -
When it comes to Variety , its good to have a lot of Color . As in a variety of color . Even of shades of one color . And these Tulips represent that .

4 Balance -
An egg balancing . Usually a person never can get an egg to balance really well so it doesn't fall . When you look at it , you can see a really nice shadow and the shape is really nice . Looks really nice .

5 Emphasis -
I thought this painting looked really cool and it has a lot of Emphasis . You usually don't see something like this everyday . Its really unique and stands out . Emphasis can really be unique in its own way usually depending on the artist .

6 Contrast -
This is the "Preportions" Of Bullwinkle on the TV Show , "Rocky and Bullwinkle" . This shows a lot of contrast and shows that there is a lot of hard work being put into drawing these cartoon characters . Even when you watch them on Television , you can see the contrast of the color and the shape of the Moose and Squirrel themselves .

7 Pattern/Rhythm -
These Colored pencils so Pattern and Rhythm along with having a lot of color . Meaning , its basically a rainbow of Pencils which comes off really unique & sensual . This could be transformed into a painting as well , or even a Drawing . That would be really interesting & fun .