Monday, March 30, 2009

First Blog - First Assignment


Space 1 -
When I look at this photo of an Ocean , it makes Me remember how much I love being in the Ocean . The Ocean here shows a lot of Space and areas for anything like , Swimming . The sunset is beautiful as ever makes the Ocean seem bigger then what it is . I have no to what Ocean this is but for all I know is that its huge & has a lot of space .
2 Value -
This is a painting of two Bucks . When I saw this painting
, it shows a lot of value of Color and its very ambiguous . Having a lot of value in a painting really attracts attention and gives off a good feeling .

3 Shape -
Jewelry can be very unique . Meaning the shape and value of it can be rare . Like this one for example . This is a Pin that a female would wear . It's actually a heart but its a weird shape of an Heart . Which shows it very unique .

4 Line -
When I think of Line , I think of a drawing . Because , I've done a "Line Drawing" before and to Me its really artsy and fun . A person can create something so beautiful just by using a Pencil and Eraser .
This really shows Value and Line . There's a lot of Symmetry .

5 Form -
The form of this is really ambiguous . I say that because , this leaf in the water is not only floating but it's just sitting there with the stem sicking right up . This photography really shows form and shape of the leaf in the water .

6 Texture -
Believe it or not , this is the texture of a Football . Reason , I wanted to find a picture of the texture of a football , because its hard for a person to see the actual texture , they can only feel with they're fingers . And by looking at this , it looks really cool and smooth .

7 Color -
This is a painting of a Sunset .
It shows a lot vibrant colors that are put together to make a
Sunset . To make it look beautiful .
1 Movement -
As you can see , this is Line Movement . Its drawn on White paper using a Sharpie . The lines show a lot movement , shape , boldness , and its actually really ambiguous . I thought it looked really cool and unique .

2 Unity -
Unity is pretty popular in Friendship with other cultures and races . This picture shows all that
. In life , there needs to be Unity and this represents that . It really does .

3 Variety -
When it comes to Variety , its good to have a lot of Color . As in a variety of color . Even of shades of one color . And these Tulips represent that .

4 Balance -
An egg balancing . Usually a person never can get an egg to balance really well so it doesn't fall . When you look at it , you can see a really nice shadow and the shape is really nice . Looks really nice .

5 Emphasis -
I thought this painting looked really cool and it has a lot of Emphasis . You usually don't see something like this everyday . Its really unique and stands out . Emphasis can really be unique in its own way usually depending on the artist .

6 Contrast -
This is the "Preportions" Of Bullwinkle on the TV Show , "Rocky and Bullwinkle" . This shows a lot of contrast and shows that there is a lot of hard work being put into drawing these cartoon characters . Even when you watch them on Television , you can see the contrast of the color and the shape of the Moose and Squirrel themselves .

7 Pattern/Rhythm -
These Colored pencils so Pattern and Rhythm along with having a lot of color . Meaning , its basically a rainbow of Pencils which comes off really unique & sensual . This could be transformed into a painting as well , or even a Drawing . That would be really interesting & fun .

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