Monday, May 11, 2009

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, California on Feb. 20 1902 then died on Apr. 22, 1984 . Was an only child whose mother had him when she was nearly 40 (both parents were elderly) . Was teased and picked on by kids in school because of his "Disfigured" nose which was badly broken in an earthquake as a child . --Later in life was diagnosed as "Hyperactive" . Might have suffered from Dyslexia . Because , almost didnt complete the Eighth grade because he was having a lot of problems trying to understand certain subjects in school and had a problem with getting his work done and getting it in on time . When Adams was twelve he taught himself to play the piano and read music. Soon he was taking lessons, and the ardent pursuit of music became his substitute for formal schooling . He gave up being a Musician to being a Photographer since he loved nature so much based on his long walks in the great outdoors . He also Married ; He met his wife, Virginia Best, in Yosemite; they were married in 1928. The couple had two children . He was broke and always felt he couldn't get over the "Financial Fence" which did effect his marriage . Later after , as he got older he still kept himself busy by doing more of his work eventhough he still was broke , still manage to do it . Then in 1984 is when He died .

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