Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was born on March 24, 1886 then died on January 1, 1958 . He was an American Photographer
from Highland Park, Illinois .

Was given his first Kodak camera for his 16th Birthday, when he began taking photographs .
Weston met with quick success and the Chicago Art Institute exhibited his photographs a year later, in 1903 . And he attended Illinois College of Photography . In 1906, decided to move to California to pursue his Photography/Art career where he became "big" & had gotten some job offers . He had four sons with his Wife, Flora May Chandler . He worked a lot with Nudes --Still Life . He did a lot of that type of work after 1927 . Two of his four sons, took lessons from him on photography because, they became interested in Art & Photography . They thought what they're dad did for a living was fun & interesting . So they took some lessons from him & got to experience the chance to see what he really does . Later in life , in the the early 1950s he, was Strickened with Parkinson's Disease which later led up to his death in Jan. of 1958 . He suffered from it for 8 years .

The type of work he did was mainly nudes but as a Still Life .
He did many famous things such as worked with some celebrities (generally women) and did some art with other photographers that did some of the same work as he did . But the most popular work he did was Still Life with both Nudity & "Peppers" . As you can see I put up two pictures that are of some of his work . It's the peppers & of a still life . As you can see , a lot of his still life on nudity ; well the body was formed & looked like the body of a Pepper which , made it look really unique & interesting .

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